Founded in 1993, the Kingdom Import and Export LTDA started its activities with a revolutionary goal for the season: to be pioneers, as a Joint Venture, which joined the Ultralite, an Australian brand, Tobermore, Asian manufacturer in DongGuan city (China) and growing Brazilian market for the product in question:. compact fluorescent lamp, high efficiency

In the following years there was a considerable growth of importers of this product in Brazil, from thirteen importers for over two hundred, at the end of the 90s

Next, Brazil experienced serious problems with regard to power generation, which was the famous blackout. At that time many companies saw a good opportunity to sell energy-saving lamps. As there was an increase in demand, there was also a great diversity of this product, losing the reference of quality and standardization. Over time, and with the problems of minimized power generation, demand for this product decreased, again showing the focus on quality.

During the period of blackout the Kingdom had to seek new markets. And because of his expertise, he has acted in a new segment:. Service
In this way won many successful partnerships, which to this day bear good fruit, demonstrating excellence at every stage that includes the study of the market, the search for the supplier, import and export, with all his care and marketing products.

Currently the Kingdom has some products with its own brand, the import and sale is made on behalf of the Kingdom or its partners and, besides, we continued to provide advisory services in foreign trade business. We aim to expand product options, price and quality so that your company can have better results. In an increasingly competitive environment in which he lives the domestic market, have options to bring highlighting your company is extremely important. Our commitment is to find the one that best suits your purpose. With trained professionals, the Kingdom offers the best for your company to meet their planning and get maximized profits by transferring safety and agility in the process of foreign trade.

So if your company wants to import / export any product, be it a finished product or raw materials and supplies, please contact us for details.