Product and supplier prospection

We product prospect in various countries, searching which ones are the best producers of each kind of product or material. That guarantees better prices, better relationship between quality and production time, and a better post-production experience such as handling, packaging and logistics. It is important to make an efficient product prospection, for a badly acquired product is the certainty of badly invested money, not to mention post charges spent with restitution and technical advising or even the dissatisfaction of your clients.

Buying agents

As buying agents, Kingdom has capable analysts to contact the suppliers, no matter if you are a multinational company or small business. We always negotiate aiming better prices and better quality, negotiating the best payment terms and conditions to the requirements of your company. Another important factor is the technical specification of the negotiated product and for that we count on the experience of our analysts which comprehends a series of areas: chemical products, metallic material, plastic, multifunction machines, crafts, decoration items, etc.

Price analysis

The product price in its origin is not sufficient to measure the investment calculation. Other than the value paid to the exporter, we still have to consider the clearance and the nationalization costs for each product. Sometimes a given importation becomes unsustainable, not because of the commodity/product price, but because of the charges and assessments to be paid at its arrival in Brazil. Not to mention the freight, storage, domestic customs transit, and customs clearance charges. That is why each product must be studied separately so to analyze the real import advantages or disadvantages. We count on partners that possess a vast experience in assessments and charges; thus, developing a study of the matter beforehand.


We always seek our clients’ satisfaction and offer our services with a door-to-door concept, which means that we administer all the stages of the importation process, since the first contact with the supplier all the way to the arrival of the product at its final destination.


We operate with financial entities for the closing of currency exchanges, verifying the best conditions and exchange rates, as well as the best terms, in order to assure accuracy, safety and agility to all parties involved.

Documentation and Classification

For a commodity or product to be nationalized, there are several documents required. Each one of these documents possesses a peculiarity. All of them require meticulous verification, so they may be subjected to the import register analysis and to the products nationalization officials. All the documentation goes through our hands before they reach the customs clearing agent so that we may have time to solve any kind of irregularity that might come up beforehand.