Sales agents

Nowadays we can find many Brazilian products of great quality and with a great marketing strategy for the international market. However, how would these products and strategies behave in an unknown market, with so many different obstacles such as culture and customs? Kingdom operates as a sales agent in various countries, searching for the best means to introduce and keep your product in a new international market.

International Business Plan

The internationalization process of a company demands a well-grounded strategic decision. Many times, because some companies lack experience, it becomes difficult to evaluate the true advantages and disadvantages of such a process. Kingdom minimizes this fact developing an international business plan, which encompasses a deep analysis of the target-country, the internal and external environment elements such as market potential, seasonality, profitability, the existence of competitive agreements, competition analysis, the existence of barriers against the products’ entrance, assessments, environmental issues, etc. Beyond this analysis, there is also the strategic analysis of the product which verifies the extension of the product line, patents, brand importance, product design, packaging and technological innovation. Other developed strategies concern prices, logistics and communication at the country at issue.


We analyze what best fits your requirements, seeking trustworthy load agents, with better prices and excellent transit-time, using whatever type of transportation you might choose, being air, ground or sea.


We operate together with financial entities for the closing exchange rate and verify the best conditions and exchange rates, as well as the best terms so that the money order may be received safely and quickly.


Although the Brazilian government supports exportations, there is a rigid control concerning documentation. Kingdom takes care of the verification of these documents’ requirements and analysis so that your commodity/product may be cleared rapidly.

Companies and manufacturers with whom we have relationship exlusividade in Brazil: