Who We are

Kingdom Importação e Exportação is a company specialized in foreign trade with great experience in consulting and solutions for international businesses. Founded in 1993, by partners with more than 30 years’ experience in the field, the company has participated in the evolution of this segment, closely following the exponential markets.

Our MISSION: Our Mission is to guarantee the excellence of foreign trade services and the international business services in all their extent, as well as the delivery of quality products. We invest in our coworker’s qualification, as well as in the company’s infrastructure in order to offer good results to our clients. All of this is done always respecting people and the environment.

Our VISION: Kingdom’s goal is to be an international reference company as foreign trade is concerned. Our aim is to understand and satisfy the requirements of partner companies and of our customers, creating intelligent and profitable solutions for the business at hand.

Our VISION: As a family company, our standards are held high when it comes to aspects such as honesty, transparency, and respect. Our tradition and professionalism ground us in proactivity and motivation, resulting in a state of synergy.